Those prone to keloids or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, since microblading punctures the skin as we add pigment, we cannot work with cspanents with these conditions.

Clients who are taking anticoagulant medication will require a doctor's note and will need to cease the anticoagulant medication at least 10 days prior to the procedure and up to 2 weeks post the procedure for optimal results.

If you have a transmittable blood disease such as hiv or hepatitis. Again, microblading artists cut the skin so it is our policy not to work with these conditions.

If you’ve had facial dermal fillers in that area. Depending on the timing, we recommend to get microblading done first. Alternatively, check with your doctor. Many artists may request a note from your doctor first.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy. Although microblading is great for restoring eyebrows, we would require a doctor’s note in order to perform the procedure for anyone undergoing chemotherapy.

If you have any kind of skin condition on or near your eyebrows. This includes:



Rashes, or anything else near eyebrows

Children. Microblading is for adults only! We do not recommend microblading for anyone under the age of 18. Luxx lab llc policy dictates that I do not work on children with or without a consent form from parents.

Clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding,

Have abnormal heart conditions,

Have autoimmune disorder (diabetes requires a clearance note from doctor.)

Used accutane within the last year. Cases differ from client to client, please contact us for specific questions.


Most clients experience very minimal pain, if any. Topical anesthetic is applied throughout the procedure for your comfort.


Precare info: following the proper precare instructions will help yield in the best results.

At least 48 hours prior to your appointment you shouldn't consume anything with alcohol or caffeine and avoid vitamins, supplements, teas, dark chocolates, anti coagulants, ibuprofens, aspirins, tylenol, pre-workout or anything with blood thinning agents in it.

Discontinue the use of any prescribed or over the counter facial soaps, serums, or lotions that contain retin-a, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, chemical peels, or any other harsh chemicals at least 4 weeks prior to you're procedure.

If you’ve been on accutane you must wait at least a year before getting the procedures done.

Avoid getting botox 3 weeks prior or post procedure.

Avoid tanning at least 10 days prior to your procedure.

Disclose any important health issues to your technician.


Do not let any water, lotion, anti aging cream, soap, or makeup touch your eyebrow area during the first 7 days after your procedure

No sun beds, tanning, or physical activity during the first 7 days after your procedure

Itching & flaking may appear during the first 7 days. Peeling is normal during healing process. No rubbing! No picking!

Avoid putting fingers over eyebrows for 7 days. This could cause an infection

Apply healing ointment the first 7 days. Use a qtip to apply ointment to eyebrows. Do not use your fingers!

Discontinue the use of any prescribed or over the counter facial soaps, serums, or lotions that contain retin-a, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, chemical peels, or any other harsh chemicals on or around your eyebrow area this will result in significant loss of color.

Once brows are completely healed you can apply a sunscreen to protect them.

Avoid using petroleum jelly or vaseline. It can cause a reaction and clog your skin from breathing

Entire healing process will take 4-6 weeks depending on your body’s regeneration, age, immune system and lifestyle.

Freak out #1: it will look very dark the next few days. Do not worry! This is natural and normal. Know that it will get a lot lighter. Also it may look very harsh and the strokes might not be very visible. This is also okay and once the healing process is over it will look a lot more natural. You might be disappointed at first but be patient they will look great!

Freak out #2: after a few days of healing and scabbing the color will almost be gone. This is normal and know that it takes time for the color to come back. It can be a little scary because you think I went through all that pain and spent that money for nothing. Do not worry it will all come back and be the color you wanted!

Freak out #3: once the color has come back and the brows are healed there may be a few areas where there are patches with no color. It is impossible to make the brows perfect and fully colored the first time. This is what the touch up is for and why it is important to make sure to get a touch up 6 weeks after the first procedure.

When will I receive my order? 

Processing time takes 3-5 business days. After your order has been processed you will receive confirmation and a tracking number for your package. Shipping time is between 1-3 business days.